A Second Fight Club 2 Trailer IS Released

Mindpollen Studios is excited to release a second trailer for Fight Club 2 directed by Andy Mingo. Some people think this one is even better than the first. What is your vote? As Chuck Palahniuk said about writing the Fight Club sequel ten years after the original, “It’s time to take off the PC gloves,” so either… Continue Reading

Mindpollen Produces Trailer for Fight Club 2

  MindPollen Studios would like to announce our first collaboration with Chuck Palahniuk and Dark Horse Comics – the book trailers for Fight Club 2. EW did a write up featuring Lullaby director Andy Mingo’s trailer for Fight Club 2. Checkout what EW had to say. We have reached our initial funding goal but have oodles of bonus rewards available… Continue Reading

Team Lullaby Reaches $250,00 Kickstarter Goal

Team Lullaby at Mindpollen Studios made headlines at Variety again when we reached our initial funding of $250,000 over at Kickstarter. Read Variety’s article in its entirety HERE. We thank each and every backer for their support in this project. But we aren’t done yet! The more financing we can raise, the bigger our budget… Continue Reading